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  • Andrea

7 reasons your business need a Corporate Communications and Public Relations agency

1. Experience and insight

A PR agency will have extensive experience across a range of sectors and understand how to tailor and scale PR strategies to align to your business’ strategic objectives. For example, at Albury Consulting, our people have experience advising clients from London-based start-ups to Abu Dhabi-based multi-billion dollar institutions. Your agency will have experience in navigating the constantly evolving media landscape and established relationships with a range of journalists.

2. Strategic advice

Impartial, unbiased, and removed from the day to day business, your PR agency should be your strategic adviser, helping you navigate challenges whilst building your reputation. Their objectivity as an external party will ensure your communications strategy is effective and their knowledge from advising a range of clients will help them provide the strongest possible advice.

3. Tell your story…

…in your words. A cohesive and coherent PR messaging strategy will ensure that the narrative around your company is controlled and the messaging lands strongly with your key stakeholders.

4. Build and protect brand awareness

Your PR agency should help build and protect your brand and market share. Your agency should align your business drivers, and current issues or successes, with your public relations outreach to ensure your story is told through the correct mediums. A media plan will ensure continuous visibility and ultimately enhance perceptions of your company.

5. A differentiated position

What sets you apart from your peers? Many companies are operating in saturated markets so hiring a PR agency, with an objective view point to conduct a thorough peer analysis will benefit your business, as your agency should challenge assumptions about your USPs in order to create a truly differentiated position that can withstand external scrutiny.

6. Maximising Value

If your business is a start-up looking to tap into venture capitalists, or an established organisation looking at transactions, ensuring perception with the financial community is strong will ultimately deliver more value for your business. Your PR agency will ensure that a rigorous investor relations strategy showcases your company and its senior management to either solidify or increase trust in the organisation to maximise your returns.

7. Crisis Communications

In the event of an issue or crisis, having an external company spokesperson is always advisable. Your PR agency will already have established an intimate knowledge of your business, enabling them to act as your ambassador immediately, as opposed to having to brief and bring up to speed a crisis communications company whilst trying to focus on the business and crisis resolution. Your PR adviser will advise when to communicate, and sometimes more importantly when to NOT communicate, to ensure that your company’s reputation is protected, and messages are conveyed in a timely and accurate fashion.

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